Tall Tree and the Eye: Bringing Anish Kapoor’s sculpture to life

Having worked on a previous Anish Kapoor sculpture, Dismemberment Site 1 at Gibbs Farm, we were asked to perform the structural engineering role on Tall Tree and the Eye.  We are currently up to the fifth one with each sculpture growing in size and complexity.

These sculptures can be found at the Museo Guggenheil Bilbao (previously at the Royal Academy in London), in Singapore, the South of France and other top secret locations.

  • The concept involves 1m stainless steel spheres sitting on top of one another.  The sculptures range from 8 metres to 15 metres tall. We make the artist’s design work structurally.  Anish Kapoor’s studio provides us with a photo of how the sculpture should look, we then put this into Revit and massage it until we have something that can be made in 3D.
  • We provide full fabrication drawings for the structure, which holds the sculpture up.  This is necessarily complex due to the angles and 3D fabrication.  We work closely with the fabricator to make sure the base material won’t get over stressed.
  • We collaborate closely with the artist to make sure he gets what he wants and the fabricators to ensure they can make what we design.  The whole process takes about 12 months for each sculpture.