Soma Apartments: helping to create an additional floor without impacting the construction programme

The Soma Apartments is a 6-storey apartment complex in MacKelvie Street, Ponsonby. In addition to city living, it comprises retail space and car parking on the ground floor.

We were engaged by the contractor to undertake the structural engineering for this development.


We were able to innovate by:
The client wanted large open spaces at ground level. In order to facilitate this we made the inter-tenancy walls concrete so that they could support the spans, preventing the need for additional columns.

When the project was in the early stages of construction, the new Unitary Plan was released. As a result the client wanted an additional storey adding onto the building. We reviewed and amended our structural design for building consent within a tight timeframe of 6 weeks, which meant the construction programme remained on schedule. This extra floor resulted in 9 additional apartments, giving the client 25% more apartment space than was originally planned.

The client and our project partners had director level access throughout the project, which resulted in us being able to make fast decisions and respond quickly.