City Rail Link: Engineering the temporary works for the construction of three new train stations

We were engaged by Link Alliance to design and engineer the temporary works associated with the design of the three new train stations on the City Rail Link.

We are working directly for the contractor, in this case, to provide him with the temporary structures that he needs to build the railway stations, as well as provide access for machinery. There will also be some temporary structures to allow access to buildings adjacent to the excavations.

Our work requires familiarity with the final work to be constructed and much direct coordination with the construction team to give them what they need as economically as possible.


Designing a building to house the excavated materials from the tunnels. We’ve designed this so that trucks can enter it on a regular basis to remove the excavated materials without adverse effects on the neighbours. There is a 50 tonne capacity crane inside the building which needed special consideration of the steel structure.
Designing support platforms for cranes that are sited on top of the open cut.
Demolition work for canopies along Albert Street that need to be removed and, eventually, replaced.
We are currently working on a number of other temporary structures, with the bulk of our work due to be complete by end 2020.

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