Trinity Apartments

Architects: Architectus

Size & Scope: This $17m project involved 32 apartments over multiple levels.

The building’s name derives from the Holy Trinity Cathedral across the road, while the cosmopolitan centre of Parnell is a short way down the hill.  A building on this site needs to enhance its iconic neighbourhood.  The occupants of apartments at this location need to be comfortable in what is a busy spot.

A sloping site hosts a five storey apartment building over two stories on a basement car park. The block is L-shaped with the long length on Parnell Road and the short length on Birdwood Crescent.  Every apartment has a deep veranda to the street and a private outdoor living area.

The walls between the apartments are concrete block and resist both gravity and lateral loads.  Pre-cast concrete elements and exposed aggregate panels add to the thermal mass.  This mass, combined with the cooling effect of verandas, pool and courtyard features, make for a sustainable living environment with beneficial thermal and sound qualities.

Awards: NZIA Resene Local Award for Architecture, 2005.  NZIA Resene New Zealand Award for Architecture, 2007.  NZIA Resene Supreme Award for Architecture, 2008.