Sculptor: Marijke de Goey

Marijke de Goey comes from the Netherlands and her interests range from creating jewellery through to works of monumental proportions.  Since the 1970s she has crafted municipal and corporate installations throughout Europe.  New Zealand is lucky that one of her most significant works ‘The Mermaid’ bridge can be found here at Gibbs Farm.

The artist conceived a family of cube-skeleton works and ‘The Mermaid’ is the final and largest in the series.  Twenty two cubes of welded steel, each three metre on edge, are arranged in a random arc over an artificial lake.

The bridge was fabricated offsite out of welded and painted tubular steel and lowered into place by helicopter.  It measures 10 x 3 x 32 metres.  As can be seen from the illustrations, realising this work from Marijke’s model involved us in some serious structural calculations and simulation in order to ensure sufficient strength was achieved to span the lake.

Sculptural Projects

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