Architects: Young and Richards

Eunoia is not a single residential dwelling – rather it’s a building system. The architect has defined a family of baches that have four standard sizes ranging from ‘Small’ to ‘Extra Large.’ If desired, customers can mix-and-match these sizes to provide different configurations, or even larger dwellings.

The Eunoia ‘Living Bach’ is aimed at country and coastal settings and out-of-the-way places. The philosophy is one of an architectural set-out that optimises the living spaces while ensuring sustainability, minimal material use and a timeless blending into the environment.

This was an intriguing and appealing brief to us and our task was to achieve a structural set-out that realised the architectural vision. The resultant bach designs meet structural requirements yet can be cut with a minimum of waste and also realise the ambition of good environmental performance.

Residential Projects

Mai Mai House Eunoia Marine Parade Piha