387 Tamaki Drive

Architects: Architect : Ian Moore Architects (Australia)

Size & Scope: This three storey mixed-use building had a construction budget of $9.5 million

With mixed retail, office and residential apartments on a prominent site, in a sensitive neighbourhood and across the road from the beach – this was never going to be a simple project. It was in development for several years and there were planning delays and design issues, plus changes of architect.

Structure Design responded to the circumstances and, over the years, persevered with several design iterations.  We provided the necessary structural engineering input, until the design was approved.  The resultant plan required separate documentation for foundations and superstructure – with the superstructure split into two property titles. We had to pursue full building consent for each stage.

The building is constructed predominately of precast concrete walls and beams, with hollow-core concrete floors.  The planned high quality concrete finish required innovative thinking.  Precast connections had to be concealed and significant collaboration with the contractor was necessary to ensure the design was buildable, met structural requirements and achieved the architectural vision.