Building Quake Code Loosened

20 May 2015


Find out how the Building Code has loosened and what this means for you:


Tango Dancers

Tango Dancers

19 March 2014

Structure Design are proud to have been involved with many of the sculptures installed at Gibbs Farm.

Marijke de Goey’s Tango Dancers is the most recent which was unveiled 2nd  March . Following is an extract from her in a Dutch Newspaper;

Dear friend,

I am enormously proud to be able to share with you pictures of my latest sculpture ‘Tango Dancers’ that was unveiled on 2 March at the Gibbs Farm sculpture park, north of Auckland, New Zealand. The park is owned by art-lover Alan Gibbs.

I have the honour of being the first artist to receive a second commission from Alan Gibbs, having created my sculpture ‘The Mermaid’ for him in 1999.

‘Tango Dancers’ at Gibbs Farm is a 15-metre high and 25-metre wide steel artwork with an innovative mother of pearl coating; the colours of seashells I found in Kaipara Harbour inspired me for this coating which has been specially developed for the sculpture. The topcoat incorporates small particles intended to catch the light, giving the sculpture a blue appearance in the morning, changing to yellow in the midday sun and a pinkish-red glow during the evening.

To me, the most tender and sensual aspect of tango dancing is the way the partners’ forearms touch. My dancers are somewhat shy; only their feet touch.

‘Tango Dancers’ stands among works created by artists such as Anish Kapoor, Sol LeWitt, Richard Serra, Leon van den Eijkel and Zhan Wang. Alan Gibbs has spent almost 20 years building his collection and selects artists based on their ability to create monumental sculptures. Gibbs: “The challenge for the artists is the scale of the landscape. At 400 hectares, it scares them initially.” He prefers to commission new works because of the personal satisfaction he gains from dealing with artists. “They’re interesting because they’re winners, tough, ambitious

“My eye fell on Marijke as an artist who creates excellent large-scale pieces that retain feminity and transparency. I enjoy this very feminine aspect to her work as a contrast to the male toughness of most of the other works on the farm. And when I first saw Tango Dancers I immediately loved the way Marijke reduced the movement and emotion of the dancers to such a simple minimalist form.” I hope you enjoy my latest sculpture.


Structure Design Expanding

22 August 2013

Structure Design is expanding to incorporate the business of StructureSmith.  Ashley Smith will join Structure Design’s founder Peter Boardman and Jon Haagh, who is being promoted from senior engineer, as the shareholders and directors of the company.

Established in 1997, Structure Design has gained a reputation for creative design of iconic commercial buildings, avant-garde residential projects and monumental sculptural works.  They are also at the forefront of upgrading and strengthening historic buildings.

StructureSmith also has a strong background in the design of commercial building structures, as well as forensic engineering skills in the review of serious structural problems and building collapses.

Ashley will bring added technical expertise to complement the creative design skills of the team, and together with Peter and Jon will provide strengthened leadership to allow the company to expand further and to take on larger projects.