At Structure Design we are experienced yet innovative.  We have years of mainstream traditional design experience behind us, but we are able to push the boundaries.

Established in 1997, our mission is to provide up-to-the minute solutions to challenging building projects.  Our offices are in a new business and restaurant precinct in central Parnell in Auckland.  With its eclectic mix of heritage buildings and modern design, the diversity of building styles and usage in Parnell reflects our own portfolio of structural design activity.

A glance at the Projects selection, here on our website, reveals activity ranging from designing iconic commercial buildings through avant-garde residential designs and on to sculptural works of monumental dimensions.  Our work is also at the forefront of upgrading and strengthening historic buildings – making them safe and preserving their uniqueness for generations to come.

Our long association with Gibbs Farm north of Auckland is particularly satisfying and fruitful.  The engineering design behind the huge sculptures on the farm is extreme and the structural elements are unusual.  The resultant structures are things of beauty and the insight and experience from these designs feeds into our other areas of practice.

Relationships with New Zealand’s construction and architectural community are at the heart of Structure Design’s success.  For many on the team these relationships stretch back for decades. We have worked with many of the country’s leading architects and have been involved in numerous award winning projects.